DPS Hajipur

About DPS Hajipur

About DPS Hajipur

Welcome to DPS Hajipur

We are the same as you, rather one of you. While closely analysing various societies across the world, we have realised that quality education, sports facilities and knowledge environment are restricted only to the mega cities and affluent regions. Despite being intellectually vibrant, Bihar has been unable to capitalize on its potential due to inadequate supporting education system and infrastructure. Apropos, we like-minded people have come together to develop conducive and student-friendly atmosphere for education by providing international standard facilities at Delhi Public School Hajipur where presence of highly educated, experienced teachers and enviable natural ambience infuses fresh energy and dynamism into the dreams of parents seeking quality education for their wards. Developed in a 10-acres land in Karanpura, a village that falls within Hajipur municipality and lying approximately 20 km away from Bihar’s capital, Patna, DPS Hajipur promises everything that any best school could afford. It is the only school under the banner of DPS Society in North Bihar—extending from northern bank of Ganga to Nepal. We emphasize on education system that excludes conventional, rote learning methods by making skilling and critical thinking fundamentals to the school curriculum. We help develop problem-solving innovative mindsets among our students by placing considerable focus on extensive use of technology, life skill training into our educational methodology. As we are for the holistic development of students, we encourage them to engage in sports, yoga, extra-curricular activities like music, painting, drama, acting, debate etc.
In continuation to this journey, we have partnered with MS Dhoni Cricket Academy to provide quality cricket coaching to our students without going through rigors of selection and trial process. We are also in the process of setting up state-of-the-art facilities for football, basketball, tennis, badminton and other sports in sync with our aim to provide children every opportunity to excel in their respective aspirations. Building better society by enabling students to shape the world of their dreams is our goal. To this regard, at every step, parents are also involved as they are equally responsible for curating the future of their children. After all, we look for our students a life which is beyond the obvious.



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Why DPS Hajipur

10 Acre World Class Infrastructre
Best Academic Course Structure
Best Sports Facilities
Best in Class Safety & Security
21st Centuri Life Skills
Overall Personality Development
Lush Green Area