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  • Upcoming Event in DPS Hajipur - Soil Day as on 5th Dec, 2023
  • Admission Open 2024 - 2025

About Us

Children are the future of the society and we, at DPS Hajipur, aim for the holistic development of every child. With our objective to go beyond existing conventional benchmarks in education and provide an environment which is friendly and multidimensional in approach, we want our children to become innovative and inventive in their outlook and attitude. We want every child to be nurtured with knowledge, skills and personal attributes, giving him or her solid life-time foundation for Building Oneself, Society and Better Future, and ultimately enabling him or her to make the world happy, peaceful and prosperous. We believe education is a passport to the future, as tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Read More

DPS Hajipur
भानुः भास्करः मार्ताण्डः चण्ड रश्मे दिवाकरः।
आयुरारोग्यम् ऐश्वर्यम् बुद्धिम् देही नमोस्तुते।।
I pray to Lord Surya, who is a perennial source of light, who makes the day, removes darkness, propagates intense rays, so that I am granted longevity, health, wealth and knowledge.
DPS Hajipur

Chairman's Message

A child's mind is like a fertile soil-rich, vibrant with life and eager to absorb every experience that comes within his orher universe. At DPS, it is our Endeavour to create a nation of talented ,bright and

- Mr. V.K Shunglu

Management Message

DPS Hajipur

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to Delhi Public School Hajipur. The school endeavor to provide a vibrant, open, supportive, safe and conducive environment to students for learning and playing together. We care about health and well-being of every student.
We want students to be happy and excited about coming to the school for learning and enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding across a wide spectrum of our school curriculum. Our deep rooted passion for education means we want our students to develop a love for learning and knowledge.
Our school's 'Only the best' motto reflects our expectations from students to reach their full potential smoothly and in consonance with demand of time and age. We are not complacent by any means. Rather, we are continuously looking for ways in which we can further improve the school’s condition and its reputation. I invite you to learn more about DPS Hajipur, and look forward to meeting you in campus where you may explore and experience the DPS Life!
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From The Principal’s Desk….

Change my environment, Activate my potential. The tagline holds true for any student who enrolls at Delhi Public School Hajipur, an institution that prides itself in providing holistic education, superior facilities and varied opportunities.

I am delighted to welcome you to the website of DPS Hajipur and give you a quick glimpse into the salient features of this wonderful institution.

We are committed to nurturing students driven by CURIOSITY... This is the hallmark of our enriched and innovative curriculum, which is Exponential, Empowering and Experiential.

From the rating given by CBSE during our very firstAffiliation inspection on 19th January 2022 and the eventual granting of Affiliation on 28th February 2022, the journey of the school has transformed into a multifaceted learning space.

  • • We take pride in the fact that…
  • • We offer a multifaceted curriculum with numerous club activities
  • • We are a Microsoft Showcase School
  • • We were awarded the benchmark of education by peace scout guide, patna
  • • We are the first DPS school to be affiliated with CBSE in North Bihar
  • • We give comprehensive career guidance programme starting Grade 8, including tie-ups with top universities, career fairs, preparation for competitive examinations
  • • We are having a tie up with AEROBAY for experiential learning in STEAM technology.
  • • Interschool competitions RANGOLI will be our mega event this session.

At DPS Hajipur, we pride ourselves in having a school where staff and students feel safe, have a sense of belonging, are treated with respect and have the right to learn and flourish. They are in a school where we build people that care, where we are united in purpose, where everyone matters, where everyone succeeds and no one is left behind. We are a learning organization where everybody sees the common purpose, creating a vision of a better school that is infinite in its thinking.

DPS Hajipur is the most happening place in Bihar right now and I wish all my students and parent a very happy schooling experience in association with us. God bless all.