DPS Hajipur

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

DPS Hajipur Shall be one of the finest schools of India creating Life long learners empowered with skills to take up life’s challenges

Our Mission

                     DPS Hajipur shall be committed to providing holistic education, igniting Curiosity in the young minds to be life long learners, empowering them with skills to Meet life’s challenges with Courage bracing them  as opportunities for deeper and meaningful understanding and reach out to the community as responsible citizens.

Quality Objectives

To ensure that the teaching learning process includes at least 60% methods every year that leads to experiential learning tapping the curiosity in every child,  within and outside the class room which get measured through the annual academic, co-curricular plans and monitored through class observations and feedback.

To focus on obtaining a minimum of 50% satisfaction from all the stakeholders on the school environment and service provided through a minimum of two feedbacks from stakeholders every year.

To assess the progress of each child and work towards ensuring all students obtain a minimum of 50% through a minimum of three assessments every year and provide support as required.

To focus on providing a minimum of four, age appropriate activities every year to nurture creativity and curiosity to learn, values, leadership and social responsibility in children through planned activities.

To provide a platform to showcase age-appropriate talents and compete in the true spirit of competitiveness through a minimum of three events every year

Our Core Values

Excellence through learning
Love and compassion

DPS Motto

‘Service before self’, we intend to serve others genuinely, graciously and respectfully. We believe service is the tool that guides us through unknown alleys into a world which is better and progressive in all manners. There is saying: “It’s a great pleasure in giving than receiving.” We too believe in the same.