DPS Hajipur

Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

From The Principal’s Desk….

I take delight in welcoming you all to DPS Hajipur, to explore the possible options that our school has designed for your child’s holistic development.

I strongly believe that my role as an educator is to nurture the next generation to be prepared for life, face challenges with courage rather than run away from it and develop a thirst for knowledge keeping an open mind to learn and innovate.

I have an avid interest in acquiring new skills and I would ensure that the younger generation have the drive to acquire futuristic skills thus gearing up for what lies ahead of them. I strongly believe that the success of any institution lies in the strength of the team. I would strive to build a strong team of staff committed to providing quality education to the learners. I shall build a work culture where children and teachers would look forward to coming to school. Our teachers shall create classroom climates where errors are welcome, with no judgements attached, children will feel free to question without inhibition and explore all domains of learning with curiosity and a scientific approach.

All staff, students and community should feel valued and appreciated at school. As DPS Motto depicts, our students will reach out to their neighbours to serve those in need and grow with compassion in their hearts.

I invite all my students, staff and parents to join hands with me to make a difference.

Elizabeth Joseph, M.Sc,M.Phil,B.Ed